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Tatie's French Bakery

Artisanal French bakery opened since 2021

Two gourmet boutiques tailored for food lovers & bons vivants

Brunch Set I  Every Weekend


Artisanal French classics revisited & more

All our cakes & pastries are homemade and baked from scratch. A daily selection of small pastries can be found in both of our shop.

Choose from French Classics or our celebration Number/Letter Cakes & cupcakes.

Tatie's french cakes patisserie pastry
Tatie's Phnom Penh croissant bakery bread


Baguettes & Croissants that taste like France

Breads & Viennoiserie using premium French flour & butter and baked every morning to guarantee freshness in all our products. Organizing a brunch at home? Check out our Bakery Menu below


"Age Doesn't Matter Unless You're a Cheese"

Cervelles des Canuts, Saint Marcellin, Neufchâtel, Ricotta, Homemade cheese with Kampot pepper, we have a wide selection of homemade cheese in our shops along with your favorite cheese imported from France, Italy & Spain. Our homemade cheese can now be pre order, see below our menu.

Tatie's Phnom Penh homemade cheese
Lieux et heures

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Shops Location

♡ Street 110 - near Vattanac Tower,

Daun Penh, Phnom Penh

♡ Street 13 - near the National Museum of Cambodia, Daun Penh, Phnom Penh

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Saturday: 7:30-18:30

Sunday: 7:30-15:00

Monday: closed

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