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Tatie's French Bakery

Artisanal French bakery opened since 2021

Two gourmet boutiques tailored for food lovers & bons vivants

Brunch Set I  Every Weekend


Artisanal French classics revisited

All our cakes & pastries are homemade and baked from scratch. A daily selection of small pastries can be found in both of our shop. Click the link below to view our Cake to share menu.

Tatie's french cakes patisserie pastry
Tatie's Phnom Penh croissant bakery bread


Baguettes & Croissants that taste like France

Breads & Viennoiserie using premium French flour & butter and baked every morning to guarantee freshness in all our products. Organizing a brunch at home? Check out our Bakery Menu below


"Age Doesn't Matter Unless You're a Cheese"

Cervelles des Canuts, Saint Marcellin, Neufchâtel, Ricotta, Homemade cheese with Kampot pepper, we have a wide selection of homemade cheese in our shops along with your favorite cheese imported from France, Italy & Spain. Our homemade cheese can now be pre order, see below our menu.

Tatie's Phnom Penh homemade cheese
Lieux et heures

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Shops Location

♡ Street 110 - near Vattanac Tower,

Daun Penh, Phnom Penh

♡ Street 13 - near the National Museum of Cambodia, Daun Penh, Phnom Penh

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Saturday: 7:30-18:30

Sunday: 7:30-15:00

Monday: closed

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